Click the link to see all the completed works

The Photography Group will post an assortment of photos over the next week or so.

Artists can then select their favourite one/ones to paint,

poets can write a verse or two.

Some photos have been uploaded today to get you started on our facebook page or

We’d like a lot of members to get involved. At this stage it will be an online exhibition only but, when the present crisis is over and we can return to some sense of normality, we hope to make it a physical exhibition, and we can all contribute and get together to celebrate surviving the pandemic.
Artists please join in – this isn’t a competition – the photographers have put themselves out there even though some don’t feel very confident.
Poets feel free to write a poem about a photo – you don’t need to wait for an artist to do a painting. This exhibition is for you too.

Once your painting or poems are completed – send them to and we can post them post on here. It doesn’t matter if several people do the same one.

Let’s make this fun

Bring The following

1 either canvas or board ready for painting about 2 ft x3 ft or bigger if you like.
Monte Marte is fine.

Rose Madder
Vermilion (red)
Deep yellow
Yellow ochre
Flesh tint
Colbalt blue
Ultramine blue
Phthalo blue
Titanium white

Join us all on the 9 July at 2pm at Sorrento Activity Centre to celebrate Ruth Denton’s Life and Friendship.

MC – Patt Watts
Guest Speakers – Past Presedents of the SAC
– Cancer Council of Victoria

Bring a Plate for Afternoon Tea

In loving memory of three of the the clubs cherished members we will be having a get together to celebrate their friendship.

When: Tuesday 2 July
Time 11 am

Morning Tea Provided

Thank you to Hans – Wednesday 26 June as a success, Hans Van Vlodrop at Studio Sorrento gave a demonstration on portraiture. 10ish through to 2ish.