Denise Potter

Denise and her husband owned a property in Sorrento for 15 years and then moved there permanently app. 7 years ago.

Denise has always dabbled with a paintbrush and pen and was trained in the use of water colours.  This part of her artistic side remained as a hobby because of her full time career with ABC-TV Melbourne for 37 years in Technical Production.

In the late 1990s, she completed a Bachelor of Education: Media /Drama. Part of her studies included theatre design and elements of the visual arts.

Since retiring she has continued to paint and draw in her home studio.  Since joining the Studio Sorrento Art Group she has been eagerly producing works ever since.

Although brightly coloured acrylics have been her main medium, she enjoys working in black and white using pencil, pen and charcoal. Recently she has been experimenting in with Flotsam and Jetsam sculptures but says, “It’s all work in progress”.