9 x 5 Art Exhibition.

At the SAC, 823 Melbourne Road Sorrento.  Vic from the 11th t0 the 13th June 2016

Art today-1 (400x292)This Collage of Sorrento landmarks has been painted on 9 x 5 boards by Studio Sorrento Artists.

The original Poster was put together by the Sorrento Photography Group for the Art Group

The first Australian 9 by 5 Impression Exhibition was an art exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. The exhibition was opened on 17 August 1889 in Buxton’s Rooms on Swanston Street and featured 183 works; the majority of which were painted by the Australian impressionists Tom RobertsCharles Conder and Arthur Streeton. The exhibition was named for the dimensions of most of the paintings— 9 by 5 inches (23 cm × 13 cm), the size of a cigar box lid upon which many of the works were painted— and the Impressionist inspiration for the works.[1]Website information: studiosorrento.org

Enquiries Contact: Ruth Denton  0418 100 373

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